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Dandelion Seeds


Dandelions taking over an uncultivated field







Burdocks are biennial. 

In the first year they do not bloom, but merely get the fleshy green growth, as seen in the picture on the left. 

In the second year they flower and produce seeds. 










Burdock blooming


Ripe burs

Burdock burs can be fun. 

They are very sticky, and  you can toss one of the burs at someone, and it will just stick to them. 
















Fireweeds just north of Great Slave Lake, North West Territories - Jack Pine forest in the background. 





If conditions are right foxtail can completely take over a piece of land as in the case with this field. 


Ripened foxtail - just ready for a strong wind to scatter the seeds. The seeds blow and roll in the wind. 



Foxtail growing beside a northern pond - North West Territories



Hemp Nettle




Leafy Spurge



Patch of Leafy Spurge


Leafy Spurge in early summer.






Patch of Pennycress in abandoned barnyard



Stinging Nettle                                                                  


Stinging Nettle Patch


Bristle Thistle                                                                    




Bull Thistle





Canada Thistle                                                                               



Canada Thistle making seeds   



At Nose Hill Park, Calgary           




Sow Thistle


Sow Thistle Flower


Thick patch of sow thistles.


Stink Weed


Patch of Stink Weeds


Early spring stinkweeds growing on a Pocket Gopher mound.




Tumbleweeds  also known as Russian-Thistle   




Tumbleweeds piled up against a fence near Lethbridge, Alberta

With tumbleweed a picture forms from earlier days.  Gunsmoke with Sheriff  Matt Dillon.  On old Boot Hill. The wind blowing fiercely, driving the tumbleweeds past Dillon's ears. Rolling the weeds over the graves of the poor suckers gunned down in their boots. Vision by  Ray D.W.



Wild Oats





Wild Mustard



Mustard - species unknown

Same mustard as above.   Might be a Flixweed. .





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