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Magazine   -  Giving you the straight goods. NOT politically correct and proud of it. 

bullet  The House of Israel Party  official home web page. 
bullet Athabasca OIl Sands - a politically incorrect perspective, from a native Albertan.
bulletShipload of Tamil Refugees Enters Canada -  A solution to the problem. 
bulletBarb Higgins running for Mayor of Calgary. A politically incorrect view. 
bulletElementary Canadiana - simple overlooked aspects of Canadian life and culture.
bulletConservatives in Canada - A politically incorrect view from a real conservative. 
bulletLaw and Order and Policing - freedom must be seen within the context of rule by law.
bulletFreedom is Dying in Canada  and we are over regulated and over governed. What can be done ? One way is to carry out our responsibilities as Canadian citizens. Yes we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but not too much is said about  responsibilities
bullet The Media File  - exposing the political agenda of the CBC, and others.
bulletThe Games People Play  - the psychological games people play.
bulletCity of Calgary - new directions for Calgary. 
bulletAlberta  A politically incorrect view, also pictures of Alberta places and landscapes. 
bulletMessage For Canadian Women - this has nothing to do with politics or the war of the sexes. It's a politically incorrect very serious communication to Canadian women. 
bulletMale - Female  Male-female relations, family, sex, relationships, etc. 
bulletMessage for the United States and Canada. The main message was put exclusively on this web site by myself on Dec. 29, 2002 and what was predicted has been coming to pass. 
bulletSpiritual - for those who want or need spiritual nourishment and direction. 
bulletBureaucracy - understanding and offering ways to reduce and streamlining bureaucracy. Bureaucracy - both private and public defined. Excessive bureaucracy is smothering us in Canada. Can't this be fixed ? Bureaucracy is not restricted to government, but exists in the private sector too. Many Canadians (especially Albertans) have a narrow view of what constitutes bureaucracy - feeling this only exists in government. Bureaucracy is also fully developed in the private economy in the most advanced institutions of capitalism. Ways and means of improving management techniques in Canada explored.
bulletCancer - The cancer Ray was diagnosed with was treated and is in remission as of August 28/10. Ways and means of preventing cancer, and keeping it from coming back will be explored further on this site - this in light of Ray's personal experience with the disease. 
bullet Joke Box 
bulletArchives ......older articles and more.

Natural World  - nature pictures from Alberta,  B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North West Territories.

Natural Cultural Traditions We Share    A very humble start of a media company devoted strictly to cultural matters, which is nonpolitical. As of August, 2010 all photos (except maybe around 12 or so) of the over 1,600 on my web sites are original creations  - taken, edited and owned by me and my children. Copyright 

We have actually gone out there and walked the walk and taken these pictures, and hopefully there are a lot more coming. Expect additions and changes, and improvements to this site. Pictures of our cultural traditions  


I Am Not A Politician  

Calendar   The Hebrew and Gregorian Calendar all in one. 


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